JAA Commercial Pilot License (JAA CPL)

The JAA Commercial Pilot License is offered in collaboration with Ground Training Services, UK

Course Entry Requirements

  • Minimum age to commence training – not applicable; minimum age for licence issue 18 years
  • Minimum licence requirements to commence training – PPL(A) issued in accordance with ICAO Annex 1
  • Minimum academic standard – the student should have an adequate knowledge of mathematics and physics
  • A valid JAR FCL Class 1 medical is required for the issue of a licence but not for commencement of the theoretical knowledge course. However, we recommend that a medical certificate is gained before starting the distance learning course

Course Content

The CPL(A) distance learning course comprises 9 examination subjects and is divided into three modules. Each module has a home study phase followed by a classroom consolidation/revision course. The course may be started at any time and with any module.
Module 1:
The nominal course length is 110 hours of distance learning which, based on a rate of 15 hours study per week means it can be completed in 8 weeks. However, students may work at a faster or slower pace depending on the number of hours per week they are able to devote to their studies. Successful completion of the distance learning course is followed by a 4 day consolidation course which is held at GTS.
Module 2:
The nominal course length is 125 hours which, based on the same rate, means it can be completed in approximately 9 weeks. A 5 day consolidation course, held at GTS, follows successful completion of the distance learning course.

Module 3:

As per module 2

Course Details

  • Each subject is contained in a separate folder with it’s own self assessed exercises.
  • Each module has it’s own study guide containing the assessed exercises together with all the information you need to complete the distance learning course. It also carries a full breakdown of study hours required together with details of examination dates, pass rules and validity.
  • Course materials include the Jeppesen Student Pilot Route Manual and relevant Civil Aviation publications.
  • After a period of study you will be asked to complete the relevant self assessed exercises. At certain stages throughout the course you will be asked to complete an assessed exercise which should be sent to GTS for marking, and comment. Most students send these exercises by email but post or fax can also be used. Marked exercises are then returned to the student with comments and a debrief. These assessed exercises allow both GTS and the student to monitor progress.
  • Successful completion of the study materials is achieved when all relevant assessed exercises have attained a pass rate of 75%.
  • Free access is then provided to an on-line examination style question bank for further revision prior to completing the consolidation course.
  • Consolidation courses are normally scheduled in the week prior to the examinations.