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    Great trick to download Youtube videos on Mac and PC Feb
    From fatimamartinezlopez
    Within our personal or professional strategy, it is important to have different tools to help us show our work.

    We have already talked about the web, the importance of having a blog , horizontal and vertical social networks, presentations in Slideshare … but it is also important to have a powerful video channel where we can show our work, our company, our skills …

    Until now I used Atube Catcher to download the videos , but thanks to some friends like Christian Delgado @christiandve, I discovered pages like where only with include the URL we can download them, but the inconvenience is that you have to register in order to access the service And also the name of the web can be forgotten if we do not use it very often.

    To avoid these problems, today I bring you a trick that I have discovered and solves both problems. I’ve tried it and it works perfectly.

    Screenshot 2014-02-26 at 16.20.06

    The process of this trick is very easy.

    We open Youtube and navigate to the video that we are interested in downloading. Once you have the URL, replace ” http: / www.” By ss, and press enter; that is to say:

    This would be the original link:

    And so would be:

    When you perform this operation, you are redirected directly to Savefrom, net , a video download page.

    If you use Mac, by default you select download in MP4 although offers different possibilities.

    If you do it from a PC you will have to select a format because otherwise it will not work.

    You can also add an extension to our browser so that when we browse YouTube you will find a download button

    Screenshot 2014-02-26 at 15.49.37

    Remembering a webpage is not easy, so this trick of only two letters sure that we are not forgotten and not having to register, nobody will give us the can with unwanted shipments.

    Problem solved, in a few minutes you will have your downloaded video.

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    And in case you want to download videos from your Iphone, I leave you THIS LINK of the Somos Iphone blog , where he explains how to do it


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